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Get a Blu-ray player on the super cheap

CNN reports Wal-Mart will be offering a Magnavox Blu-ray player on Black Friday for a measly $128, a price that should push a lot of people who have been contemplating jumping into the format over the edge.

Braveheart460 The player is only Profile 1.1 compliant, which means that you won't be able to connect to the Internet and partake of the BD-Live online features some discs offer. But most people will never use those anyway. So it's really just a matter of braving those Black Friday crowds, which can be pretty intimidating.

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Friday Nov. 14

Longtemps_jetaime_poster_thumbnail I've Loved You So Long (2008): When I saw Frozen River in August, I figured there was no way anyone could beat Melissa Leo for the Best Actress Oscar. Now, I'm 100 percent certain Kristin Scott Thomas has the award in the bag for her performance as a woman readjusting to the outside world after a long stint in prison. Elsa Zylberstein, who plays her sister, is also guaranteed a Supporting Actress nomination. They're both fantastic. (Opens Nov. 21).

Poster_seven_pounds_2 Seven Pounds (2008): Sony Pictures has done an exemplary job of selling this one without spoiling the entire story, which is good, because the movie is built around the same mystery as the trailer, which is: Why is Will Smith helping seven strangers, and what, exactly, is he going to do for them? This is a full-bore, dead-serious (and heavy) drama, with only a few fleeting moments of levity that allow Smith to trade on his familiar persona. Serious tear-jerking action ensues in the final half-hour, but I felt more manipulated than moved throughout, at least up until the very last scene, which isn't as obvious as everything that had preceded it. Also: The title finally makes sense, but there's no way to explain what it means without ruining the movie. (Opens Dec. 19).


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The Will Smith movie looks interesting. I saw the trailer today before the new Bond film. I am HAPPY to see a studio not spoil an entire film in a trailer for once.

Rene Rodriguez

Juan: What did you think of the 007 movie?


I thought it was good. NOWHERE near as good as Casino Royale, which is the only Bond movie I loved enough to actually buy. My main issue with it was the plot was kind of muddled. We never really figure out what exactly the Quantum group is or what they do(though, I think I remember reading they were going to be around for a couple of movies, so maybe we find out later). It kind of felt like the movie was just one big tangent. You got the Quantum group doing whatever it is they are doing, and Bond simply ignoring all that by trying to tie up the loose ends left over from Casino Royale regarding the death of Vesper. It being a direct sequel is what kind of crippled the movie, as it did not feel like a stand alone flick. Just a wrap up of the previous one. Like you said in your review, the NEXT one is the one to wait for.

I did enjoy the action sequences though. They were all well staged and very exciting. Daniel Craig is the one factor that makes the movie for me though. He is such an OUTSTANDING James Bond, he makes the movie better just by being in it. I can't my eyes off the screen because I don't want to miss what he is going to do next(like that quick, hysterical bit where he flips the guy off the motorcycle). He is the one factor alone that leaves me very excited for these new batch of films.

So it was good, but nothing to write home about. I expect the next one will be better.

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