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Michael Chiklis and Shawn Ryan talk about "The Shield" finale

Now that The Road won't be out until 2009, there's only one movie coming out this year I am anticipating more than the series finale of The Shield, which airs Nov. 25 (coincidentally, the very same day I am seeing said movie).

Here's an interview with Michael Chiklis and series creator Shawn Ryan talking to The Hollywood Reporter about The End. It sounds like Vic Mackey is in store for some major karmic comeuppance.

Viewing log

Saturday Nov. 15

Bolt (2008): Cute.

Sunday Nov. 16

Madhouse Madhouse (aka There Was A Little Girl...) (1981): One of the lesser known entries in the list of 74 "video nasties," or movies banned in the U.K. in the 1980s for inappropriate content. The story of a woman terrorized by her evil twin sister, who has a nasty skin rash and a man-eating Rottweiler, the movie is receiving its first-ever DVD release in the U.S. courtesy of Dark Sky Films. As is sometimes the case with films on the list, it's hard to understand why it was banned, unless the British censors wanted to shield the public from some hilarious sequences involving an incredibly fake-looking rubber dog that made me think of Triumph finally losing his temper and going on a rampage.

Thesentinel The Sentinel (2006): Sat through this one primarily for completion's sake, and also because director Clark Johnson played a recurring role in the last season of The Wire (and directed the series finale, along with several episodes of The Shield). Rote and by-the-numbers, although I find Michael Douglas to be the kind of actor (like Gene Hackman or Michael Caine) who can make any movie watchable simply by being in it.


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Man, this season of The Shield is killing me! These last few episodes have had me on the absolute edge of my seat. I actually fear seeing the finale, becuase from the way everything is being set up, it does NOT look like things will end well for anybody!

Agreed on that Sentinal movie. Very forgettable. I watched it once, and it immediately slipped away from my memory. One of those movies you watch when you have nothing else to watch and want to kill 2 hours without harming your intelligence too badly.

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