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Monopoly: The Movie

Monopoly Ridley Scott has signed on to produce and direct a feature film based on the Monopoly board game. Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House) will write the screenplay. This is actually going to happen.

If you ask me, Parcheesi would have made a much better movie.


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I see a lot of dumb things every day, but honestly, this is the most ridiculous item I've seen in a YEAR.


Fantastic! Maybe Roland Emmerich can make a Jenga movie. He can have it take place in a skyscraper called Jenga, and have it start falling apart while poor patrons try to escape before it completely collapses.

After that they can sign Tim Burton to do Candyland, and Oliver Stone can do Chutes and Ladders, which can be about young teenagers trying to make it through the corporate world.

Kevin Tostado

I'm producing and directing a documentary about the game of Monopoly called "Under the Boardwalk." It will feature interviews with some of the top players from around the world, as well as cover the history of the game and showcase how Monopoly has become such a huge worldwide phenomenon.

You can check out a teaser trailer, some clips from the interviews and follow our progress as filming continues at http://www.MonopolyDocumentary.com

If you are passionate about the game of Monopoly, I urge you to check out our website and email us!

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