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Will Smith visits the Herald newsroom (and talks about that "Oldboy" remake)

Willrosarionewsroom Will Smith and his Seven Pounds co-star Rosario Dawson stopped by The Herald's newsroom this afternoon to talk about the film. Normally, I would have interviewed them at some fancy hotel (usually this one), but a studio publicist told me Will didn't want to be cooped up all day and preferred to come to us, instead of the other way around.

I chatted with both of them about Seven Pounds for a story that will run next month. I also briefly asked Smith about that Oldboy remake he and Steven Spielberg are reportedly preparing. Here's what Smith had to say:

Q: So is this Oldboy remake really happening? Because I can't quite picture you playing that character, considering how the movie ends and where the story goes.

Comicsoldboy_2  A: We're working from the original source material. That element you're talking about - what's in the movie - is actually a deviation from the original source material. That was their artistic choice, and it worked for that market, but it was actually a deviation. We haven't even started getting into it yet, though.

On his way out of the newsroom, Smith graciously agreed to make a surprise appearance at the editors' news meeting and say a boisterous hello to a slightly startled Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal, pictured below.


You can read more about Smith's visit to the Herald here.


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i am so getting that story.
after will made "I AM LEGEND" & etc
I'M pretty much a fan.

Richard Pachter

Dave and Rick look rather nonchalant... as usual.



I love Rosario Dawson. She is so beautiful, I think I would melt on the spot if I ever met her.

Christopher Kelly

I'm jealous Rene. I had to go and meet him at a fancy hotel today, while his tour bus remained illegally parked outside.


Why, WHY, does Will Smith come to the Herald on my much-needed day off???


Anders: Why am I sitting here looking at you laugh, dude? Rene, get Rosario in here, won't cha?

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