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Making "Valkyrie"

Valkyriemoviephoto Here's a link to my story on the making of Valkyrie that ran in today's paper. I had interviewed director Bryan Singer for the piece along with Tom Cruise and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. But none of Singer's quotes made it into the story, because McQuarrie just happened to be more eloquent and quotable about the film's production.

I was a big fan of Singer's Superman Returns, so at the end of our conversation, I asked him if he's going to be involved with the new Superman movie rumored to be making the rounds at Warner Bros. He politely declined to comment, but he didn't sound like it was completely out of the question, so I'm taking it as a big "maybe."

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Girlposter1 My Best Friend's Girl (2008): Does Dane Cook pick bad scripts on purpose or what? One of the crummiest directing jobs I've ever seen in a mainstream film (by Howard Deutch, who appears to have forgotten how to shoot a simple scene of two people talking), which doesn't help. Still, there was enough funny (and surprisingly raunchy) stuff in it to keep me watching to the end. The bit with the eyebrows is actually hilarious.


Bangkok Bangkok Dangerous (2008): I found it: The worst movie of 2008. Even worse than An American Carol.






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