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Opening today

Waltz_hanuka One of the nominees for Best Foreign Language film announced yesterday (and, I'm guessing, the likely winner), Waltz With Bashir opens in South Florida today and it's a stunner - the rare kind of movie that truly is unlike any you've ever seen before. You can read my review here.

The 2009 Miami Jewish Film Festival also kicks off this weekend with the cute, disposable Beau Jest. Check out the complete festival schedule here.

Other movies opening today: Che, which really should be seen on the big screen, but you can catch via IFC video on demand if you don't feel like enduring four and a half hours in the theater; the close-but-no-cigar fantasy Inkheart; the laughably-bad Outlander; and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which was not screened in advance for critics, and in which Rhona Mitra replaces Kate Beckinsale as the bloodsucker with a thing for hairy guys.



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Didn't bother with any of the new releases this weekend. I chose isntead to finally check out Slumdog Millionaire. What an absolute MASTERPIECE that movie was. I am speechless. It had better win the diector and picture Oscars, or the academy NO credibility at all.

Rene Rodriguez

"Slumdog" is pretty great, isn't it? I don't think there's any way it won't walk away with the Best Picture Oscar.

Its only real threat is "Benjamin Button," and as much as I liked that movie, there is no comparison between the two.


I liked Benjamin Button a lot, but it doesn't come close to Slumdog. It left a huge impression on me. It was just so perfect. The way everything unfolded and how it all lead up to that beautiful ending. Absolutely perfect. I think there would be far more suspense had Dark Knight actually been nominated, but since it isn't, i dont see how Slumdog doesn't win. It HAS to win this award. It wont make up for the pathetically inexcusable act of NOT nominating Dark Knight for best picture, but it will at least let the academy keep some of thier credibility, at least until next year when they somehow snub something else that shouldn't get snubbed.

Also, I'll be seeing Gran Torino this weekend finally. Should I expect to walk out of the theater pissed that they also snubbed Clint Eastwood an acting Oscar?

Rene Rodriguez

If you're an Eastwood fan, then yes, you will be mightily pissed. I still can't believe it.

If your name happens to be Connie Ogle, then no, not so much.

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