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The ultimate in "Twin Peaks" memorabilia

Nikesbjanuary2009collection1 I am so getting a pair of these.

I'm back from vacation and have been trying to get Mickey Rourke on the phone for the last couple of days for a feature on The Wrestler, to no avail. So I'm going to have to write my story using only my interviews with director Darren Aronofsky and co-star Marisa Tomei, which is a little weird, considering the whole show is built around Rourke. But what are you gonna do?

Thepopeofgreenwichvillagepic I watched The Pope of Greenwich Village again last night to get into the proper Rourke frame of mind. I still can't figure out which scenes Michael Cimino directed and which scenes were done by Stuart Rosenberg. Eric Roberts' performance is one of the greatest pieces of overacting I've ever seen, but it works in a strange way. He would have fit right in with any episode of The Sopranos.


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