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Christian Bale goes absolutely berserk

Bale TMZ has gotten hold of an audiotape of Christian Bale tearing into director of photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator: Salvation and ... man!

Suddenly, the actor's supposed attack on his mother and sister last summer- which took place within a week's time of his tantrum on the set of T4 - doesn't seem like such a crock.

You can listen to Bale's expletive-laden rant here but be warned: You'll never think of The Dark Knight again the same way.


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Wow did someone shit in his cereal or what! I guess he was having a REALLY bad day. Especially if you say this occured while all that mess with his mom and sister was going on.


The only Christian Bale/Batman "mash-up" I care about is Patrick Bateman


what an a-hole. This overpaid nontalent should have been fired. No actor is worth it, least of all this dull guy, the only weak link in Dark Knight.


He is an awesome actor actually. I can understand where he is coming from but he did get way out of control.


This is how celebrities treat the "below the line" people. It is much more the norm than the exception. They get away with it because everyone is absolutely terrified of them. Cross an "above-the-line" person in Hollywood, and your career is toast.

Think about it the next time you hear one of these limousine liberal, prima donnas lecturing us on how to live.


Hoco, you have NO taste at all. Grow a brain please.

You know I'm amazed people are SO surprised to see an actor going nutty on a movie set. Newsflash: It happens ALL THE TIME. Not just actors, directors and producers too. Hell, James Cameron even dove into a water tank on the set of the Abyss just to PUNCH somebody. From what I understand in that clip, the guy being yelled at deserved a yelling at, for walking into a shot and tweaking lights WHILE FILMING. That is inexcusably stupid. Now Bale easily went overboard. The guy deserved a tongue lashing, but not a three minutes worth tongue lashing. Bale should have stopped after 1 minute.

Far as I'm concerned, Bale is getting what he deserves, which is humorous mockery on the internets. That clip is easily the most hysterical thing I've heard so far this year. The parodies are even better. Look them up on youtube.


SWLiP, the D.P., the director of photography whose getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be in charge of the visual design in the whole movie, shouldn't be confused with a below the line person such as the caterer making 12 bucks an hour.


I honestly can't blame him for blowing up, he's just trying to get the ****ing scene done right


I can understand where he's coming from. There are better ways of dealing with the frustration and the situation but most take more time and aren't taken as seriously.

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