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First review of "Watchmen" - sort of

Matthew_goode_as_ozymandias_watchmen_movie_image Time.com blogger Matt Selman has seen Zack Snyder's Watchmen - a perk that comes when your publication is owned by the same company distributing The Most Anticipated Movie Ever - and he's calling it "a serious freak-out ... one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had."

Selman, an executive producer on The Simpsons, takes great care to point out that his reaction isn't the result of sitting through "a great movie," but rather seeing the graphic novel he had loved as a teenager brought to such vivid, exacting life.

Is Watchmen even a good or bad movie?  I have no idea.  I stand powerless before the Gods I once worshiped in my attic bedroom, now moving and talking and fighting and loving on a giant screen.  And I find myself unable to judge them. 

I hope I don't have that same out-of-body experience when I get to see the movie. Otherwise, writing that review is gonna be tricky.


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Gah! March 6 is almost here!!! The anticipation is killing me already!

When do you get to see the movie Rene?


this movie looks like it needs a gaint squid.

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