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From the editor: Rene isn't avoiding you...

...He's out sick. Just in time for Oscar week, our beloved Rene has come down with a horrible (but not life-threatening, so don't worry too much) illness.  As Rene's long-suffering editor, I think he's sick because he's so upset that Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino was completely snubbed and he just can't bear writing another Academy Awards story without him. Luckily, Rene made his Oscar picks before he got sick.  Look for them in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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It doesn't matter. All the cool people read http://miamiherald.typepad.com/changing_channels/ anyway.


Wow that sucks! Tell Rene we hope he gets better soon! Looking forward to his Watchmen review!

Juan B.

At best, Clint Eastwood's work merits a lifetime achievement Oscar. He should not have won any of the Oscars awarded to him -- particularly the ones for "Million Dollar Baby." Get better, Rene!


Rene, get well soon.

The Watchmen are waiting for you.

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