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Opening today

838-coraline_wkend06 Henry Selick's stop-motion fantasy Coraline is the best of the new releases this week (you can read my review here). Connie Ogle's review of He's Just Not That Into You is probably more entertaining than the movie itself, although the eclectic cast makes me curious to see it.

75-synecdoche_wkend06_movie The less said about Push and The Pink Panther 2, the better. If you're feeling intrepid, Charlie Kaufman's mind-bending Synecdoche, New York (review here) returns for one more weekend at the Miami Beach Cinematheque and Bill Cosford Cinema. This one practically needs to be seen in a theater, where you can't hit the fast-forward button (or, for that matter, the rewind button, either).

Jason Gorehounds only have one more week to wait before this guy returns. It's not all that bad, as far as Friday the 13th movies go. But that bar was never set all that high to begin with.


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Nothing really coming out this month I want to see. I'm just waiting as patiently as I can for Watchmen to come out!

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