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26th Miami International Film Festival unveils its award winners

Here is the list of the winning films at this year's festival, which were handed out last night. The festival is still unspooling movies today. Check out www.miamifilmfestival.com for today's schedule of screenings.

Knight Grand Jury Prize - $25,000
The Past is a Foreign Land (Il Passato È Una Terra Straniera) by Daniele Vicari, Italy

Special Jury Mention
Best Director, Enrique Rivero, Parque Vía, Mexico

Special Jury Mention
Best Actor, Michele Riondino, The Past is a Foreign Land (Il Passato È Una Terra Straniera) by Daniele Vicari, Italy

Special Jury Mention
Best Supporting Actress, Olga Louzgina in Katia's Sister (Het Zusje Van Katia) by Mijke de Jong, Netherlands

Audience Award 
Kisses by Lance Daly, Ireland/Sweden

Involuntary (De Ofrivilliga) by Ruben Östlund, Sweden

Knight Grand Jury Prize - $25,000
Historias Extraordinarias by Mariano Llinás, Argentina

Special Jury Mention
Best Actress, Catarina Zaavera for The Maid (La Nana) by Sebastián Silva, Chile/Mexico

Special Jury Mention
Tony Manero by Pablo Larraín, Chile/Brazil

Special Jury Mention
Gasoline (Gasolina) by Julio Hernández Cordon, Guatemala

Audience Award
Nora's Will (5 Dias sin Nora) by Mariana Chenillo, Mexico

Miami Dade College Grand Jury Prize - $25,000
Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Intimacies (Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo) by Yulene Olaizola, Mexico

Special Jury Mention
For its poetic qualities The Inheritors (Los Herederos) by Eugenio Polgovsky, Mexico

Special Jury Mention
For the courage of the subject matter Mental (Seishin) by Kazuhiro Soda, Japan/USA

Special Jury Mention
For Cinematography 16memories (16memorias) by Camilo Botero Jaramillo, Colombia

Audience Award
16 memories (16memorias) by Camilo Botero Jaramillo, Colombia

Miami Dade College Grand Jury Prize  - $2,500
First Love (Elso Szerelem) by Ildikó Enyedi, Hungary

Runner Up
Sandpit#186 (Balastiera#186) by Adina Pintilie and George Chiper, Romania 

Special Jury Mention
Best Performance to Carla Ribas in Day In Day Out (Cotidiano) by Joana Mariani, Brazil

Special Jury Mention
Best Cinematography to Isi Sarfati for Land and Bread (Tierra y Pan) by Carlos Armella, Mexico

On War (De La Guerre) by Bertrand Bonello, France

Special Jury Mention
Beket by Davide Manuli, Italy

The Maid (La Nana) by Sebastián Silva, Chile/Mexico

For best up and coming new Director in the Ibero American section
The Maid (La Nana) by Sebastián Silva, Chile/Mexico

Miami Mini Film
Electric Revolution by Mark Moormann
Student High School Short Film
Winner - Mighty Deadly by Marcus Gonzalez
Special Jury Mention - Legacy: the Story of Miami High by Andre Benitez
Student College Student Film
Tie – Suddenly the Sunrise by Jhonny Obando and The Man Who Was Bold by Michal Zebede

Ibero-American Competition
This inspiring competition showcases dramatic features by first and second-time directors from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  Filmmaker is awarded a $25,000 Knight Grand Jury Prize.

Dox Competition
Documentary feature films from around the world are screened in this prestigious competition.  Social issues, diverse cultures, icons and inspiring people are an integral part of this category. Filmmakers is awarded a $25,000 Miami Dade College Grand Jury Prize.

Shorts Competition
This category features three programs of the best short films from around the world.  Filmmaker is awarded a  $2,500 Miami Dade College Grand Jury Prize.

Cutting the Edge Winner
 MIFF’s newest competition category is an exciting presentation of audio-visual experimentation, surpassing cutting-edge notions. In its first edition, this program showcases provoking, and sometimes extreme, works that stand at the crossroads of video and art disciplines of every kind. Cutting the Edge featured four programs of short films.

Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Award
Presented by the Jordan Alexander Ressler Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Juried prize of $5,000 awarded to winning screenwriter in the Ibero-American Competition.

International Film Guide Inspiration Award
Presented by Wallflower Press and The Criterion Collection – winning emerging Ibero-American filmmaker will be awarded prizes including: special Awards Scroll, a copy of the 2009 edition of the International Film Guide, various series of films (DVD) and books.

2009 Miami International Film Festival Jury

President of the Jury – Ken Kelsch
Vietnam veteran and filmmaker, Kelsch studied at NYU, receiving his Masters of Fine Arts in 1978.  That year, he was also Director of Photography on his first film: Abel Ferrara's DRILLER KILLER.  Kelsch has worked on documentaries with CNN's Special Assignment Division, and has parachuted with camera for his Army Ranger piece.  He re-teamed with Ferrara in 1992 on BAD LIEUTENANT, and later, BLACK AND WHITE OPUS, THE ADDICTION, THE FUNERAL, BLACKOUT, NEW ROSE HOTEL.  Their latest project is CHELSEA ON THE ROCKS.  Ken has shot many foreign films and TV projects including NOW AND AGAIN, FLING and two seasons of MEDIUM.

World Competition Jury
• MARTIN REJTMAN– (Argentina – assistant director and screenwriter Silvia Prieto)
• PAULA ASTORGA– (Mexico – founder and director of FICCO-Cinemex) 
• JAN CVITKOVIC– (Slovenia – director of bread and Milk and Gravehopping)
• BEATRICE KRUGER– (Switzerland – Casting Agent, FBI Casting and E-Talenta)

• PAULO PORTUGAL– (Portugal)
• JOSEFINA SARTORA– (Argentina) 

Ibero American Jury
• MATÍAS BIZE– (Chile – director of En la Cama and Lo Bueno de Llorar)
• LISANDRO ALONSO – (Argentina – director of La Libertad and Liverpool) 
• ELENA MANRIQUE –  (Spain – executive producer of Pan’s Labyrinth)

Dox Competition Jury
• CAO GUIMARÃES – (Brazil – filmmaker and visual artist)
• JEAN-PIERRE REHM – (France – museum curator) 
• NINA MENKES – (USA – filmmaker and visual artist)

Shorts Competition Jury
• CHIARA CLEMENTE– (USA – filmmaker and visual artist)
• HELVECIO MARINS JR– (Brazil – filmmaker and programmer of San Paulo ISSF) 
• SEAN BAKER– (USA – co-creator of ‘Greg the Bunny’ and director of Prince of Broadway)

Cutting the Edge Jury
• BONNIE CLEARWATER – (USA – Executive Director and Chief Curator of MOCA, Miami)
• HADLEY HENRIETTE – (USA – Managing Editor of 944 Magazine)
• CHRISTINE TAPLIN – (USA – Curator of the Sagamore Hotel, ‘The Art Hotel’)


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