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RIP Michael Jackson

Jackson I'm a Generation Xer, which means I learned to shuffle-skate (shut up) at the old Midway Skating Rink at Midway Mall to Don't Stop Till You Get Enough; tuned in along with millions of my peers for the world premiere of Thriller  on MTV and never thought about music videos the same way again; caught the Victory tour in Miami when the Jacksons played the Orange Bowl; happened to be at Epcot the weekend that the Francis Coppola-directed Captain Eo premiered there; and danced to a sped-up remix of The Way You Make Me Feel while celebrating my 21st birthday at the former China Club on South Beach (now Jerry's Famous Deli).

But when I heard the news today that Jackson had died, I realized I had only thought of him for the better part of 20 years as a performer turned bizarro eccentric by his own fame.

It's a testament to his artistic legacy that today, I haven't really been thinking about Wacko Jacko, but about the man who was such a big part of the soundtrack of my youth. Rest in peace, Michael. 


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i will always miss michael jackson he means alot to my family and me luv u mike

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