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The makers of "Iron Man 2" know you really, really like them

Ironman Here's a report on the Iron Man 2 panel from last week's gigantic nerd convention Comic-Con written by my old pal Michael Avila. He says the trailer they showed was highly promising, but that Robert Downey, Jr., director Jon Favreau and the rest of the panel exuded some serious swagger.

I hope the Iron Man crew remains humble despite the first film's enormous success, like Sam Raimi has remained throughout the Spider-Man series, because overconfidence breeds laziness, and that always results in a bad movie.

I'm psyched to see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, though. I hadn't realized the Widow was even going to be in the movie. I need to keep up with this stuff more or risk having my geek credentials revoked.

Michael also told me he wasn't blown away quite as much as everyone else seems to have been by the 25 minutes of footage James Cameron showed from his upcoming Avatar. Since Mike and I have fairly similar tastes in movies, I'm just going to pretend he didn't say that.


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