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A Puerto Rican Werewolf in London


It's been so long since we had one, I can't even remember what the last truly good werewolf picture was. But I've had high hopes for The Wolf Man even though the original director, Mark Romanek, left the project over those pesky "creative differences" and was replaced by Joe Johnston, who isn't the first guy who springs to mind when you're thinking hardcore horror.


These new shots of Benicio del Toro in full werewolf regalia look pretty sensational, though. Universal Pictures has changed the movie's release date three times, which is usually a sign of trouble, but the new trailer is so awesome that I am officially psyched all over again. The Wolf Man is due Feb. 12, 2010. Check out the trailer below and tell me I'm wrong (or watch it in HD here).


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Without Maria Ouspenskaya, what's the point?


Rene, have you seen "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" or "Dog Soldiers"?

Two good recent foreign werewolf films.

The only thing that worries me about this new Wolfman film is the CGI.

Rene Rodriguez

I reviewed "Brotherhood" when it was first released. I thought it was way too long and pretentious - a monster movie that kept apologizing for being a monster movie, so they threw in all this other stuff.

I didn't care for "Dog Soldiers" either, It felt like a straight-to-video thing to me. Although I didn't like Neil Marshall's follow-up, "The Descent," either, and a lot of people liked that one.

I know what you mean re the worrisome CGI in Wolf Man. Here's hoping it is used sparingly. But I love the shot of Benicio yelling "I will kill all of you!"


That does indeed look fantastic! I am very impressed by that. The make up looks outatanding, and i am LOVING the way the transformation looks. I really hope this delivers.

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