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Coming soon: ''District 10''

While not exactly surprising, director Neill Blomkamp has confirmed to scifimoviepage.com that distributor Sony Pictures is so pleased with the box office gross of his debut film District 9, they have begun talks about a sequel that would pick up right where the current movie leaves off (or, more probably, three years later).


Blomkamp says he already has a few ideas for a District 10, although he doesn't rule out the possibility of a prequel, either. Either way, actor Sharlto Copley, who does such a fantastic job in the film, would return as the set-upon office worker Wikus van der Merwe.

You can read more about the sequel and listen to interviews with Blomkamp and Copley here, but beware of big-time spoilers if you haven't seen District 9 yet.


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please make a District 10 it will be so cool


that baby alien and the father they will come back right


does the guy that help the father turn human


it will be fun if chris is still be an alien that would be coool no totally make district 10 make it 3d and 4d


Omg im so excited


Please please please make the sequel. Then come third with the start. You know screw it either way it really needs to be a three or more part collection.... greastest movies ever star wars can blow wikus


pliiizzz pliizzz when is district 13 coming out? I just watched district 9 4 the 5th tym now... hey, will that baby alien be in 13?


I meant 10, 11, 12 & 13?lol

Hajar S

Message to makers of DISTRICT 9,

As you can see everybody who have seen "DISTRICT 9" REALLY what's a sequel for this film,If you ask me DISTRICT 9 is the best film EVER!.

Hope you take this in consideration to making DISTRICT 10 or even DISTRICT 11.


Disrtict 10 all the way :)

you should make district 10 cause it would go cool with district 9 maybe have them return and they cant cure him so they teach him there ways xD


hi dere just so your movie and i like 2 say,..

WOOW wene is the District 10 coms out :| its 3 years later

i cant wait longer,..

loved the movie i gif u 10 dutch for A+ :P
greets from holland



Joshua Crouch

I am very exited for District 10! The movie District 9 was one of the best movie's I have ever seen! Please let us fans know all the info! Thanks a bunch!

Hannah Edwards

Omg just love districk 9 and 10!! 2nd ones better than the first!!

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