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Our first look at ''Avatar''

The teaser trailer for James Cameron's Avatar is up and running, so we finally get a little taste of what Cameron has been working on for the past ten years.


I don't know. Of course it will be a much different experience on a 3D IMAX screen, and Cameron's proven ability to craft an exciting narrative should not be underestimated. But this trailer doesn't exactly make me wish I could see the movie tomorrow or anything. 

I'm not seeing a game-changer here, just a really refined, state-of-the-art CGI fantasy war picture. Which is fine. I'm down with that. But if that's what Avatar is, they really should start ratcheting down the hype just a bit.



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Adrian Ruhi

I agree. Very underwhelming. The CGI and special effects don't look any more impressive than the average summer blockbuster... and it seems to be more fantasy than sci-fi. I guess I was expecting it to be more like "The Abyss" or "Terminator 2" and less "Lord of the Rings".... oh well.

can't fight this feeling anymore

Wow. Underwhelming is right.


Davey Jones in those Pirate movies is a photorealistic character, so are the Prawns in District 9, but these blue elves look downright goofy and cartoony.


It looks like a straight out fantasy flick, nothing more. The hype NEEDS to be toned down though, becuase this does not look ground breaking or revolutionary. I'm sure it will look fantastic in 3D, and i'm sure it will be a good flick, given that it's James Cameron, but it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary. I'm seeing it only becuase it's Cameron. Frankly, the Wolfmam trailer was more impressive.

Avatar 2010

These frames are awesome! And if i'm not mistaken, they're not from the trailer, cos' i've seen the trailer and don't recall seeing such lovely CGI shots. James Cameron is a genius!

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