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Scorsese's ''Shutter Island'' gets bumped to 2010

Shutter_island_poster Nikki Finke is reporting Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island - his first feature film since winning his Oscar for The Departed and the movie I was most anticipating this fall - has been pushed back to Feb. 19, 2010.

The reasons for the rather shocking move, according to Finke, were that a) the cash-strapped Paramount didn't have the money to spend to properly promote the movie (what, Star Trek and Transformers didn't rake in enough cash for you dudes?) and b) Leonardo DiCaprio was not going to be available to promote the film internationally.

This really blows, since this year's fall slate is surprisingly light on movies I really want to see, and I love it when Scorsese goes the genre route, like he did with Cape Fear. Anyone who's read the Dennis Lehane novel Shutter Island is based on knows what I'm talking about when I say this material gives Scorsese a lot to work with.

They better not move The Road again, too, or I'm taking prisoners. 


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This makes me bring my expectations down somewhat as Im susupicious that they are having problems in post-production and maybe the movie is sucking.


This sucks ass. Was REALLY looking foward to this.

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