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What is Christopher Nolan's ''Inception'' about?

I have no idea, but judging by the teaser trailer that is playing in front of Inglourious Basterds, the movie is going to be some kind of awesome.

Update: In Contention's Kris Tapley has scored a fairly detailed description of the plot of Inception. Go here to check it out, but be warned there are spoilers galore. Plus it is so complicated, it made my head hurt a little. I stopped reading after the first few paragraphs.

The only nugget Inception's page on imdb offers is "A CEO-type becomes involved in a blackmailing scandal." Apparently, said scandal involves zero-gravity fistfights in hallways and lots of scenes in which Leonardo DiCaprio looks totally freaked out.

Like Following, Memento and The Prestige, Nolan wrote Inception himself, which essentially translates into "There Will Be Head Games." I really like the ominous, moody music on the trailer, too. 

Whatever Inception turns out to be, you know Warner Bros. is high on it, because they're advertising the movie nearly a year before its release date of July 16, 2010. Curiosity officially piqued.

Somewhere deep within the editing bay of Avatar, James Cameron is fuming with envy.


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everything Nolan touches turns into gold. Avatar's trailer looks pretty bad, he should have just called the movie Ferngully 2.


This trailer was great! it's got a very cool, Dark City feel to it. Nolan is a fantastic director, so this one is high on my list of movies next year.

Poor James Cameron, the Avatar trailer got overshadowed by damn near everything. A ton of hype, and poorly designed alien creatures will do that. Still, I wouldn't write Avatar off, Cameron is no George Lucas. He is a fantastic director, so Avatar has every bit of a chance of still being excellent.

Rene Rodriguez

I agree with you, Juan. If anything, the lowered expectations the trailer has generated can only be beneficial to the movie - as long as it delivers. And Cameron has always delivered before.

Avatar Soundtrack

Fuming with envy? But why? Oh wait - I know! Because james cameron is so freakin' awesome! Every single movie he makes is a masterpiece, and avatar weill surely be another one :)


So who feels retarded now that Avatar's made a billion dollars in less than a month?

Yeah, it's like Ferngully, except it's, ya know, a massive worldwide phenomenon and record-breaking juggernaut.


As I was reading these comments trying to figure out what Inception is about before I go see it, I'm looking at all of this Avatar hate.

It's really funny now.
Just like the movie 2012 will be in 2013.


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