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After a brief reprieve, the dolphin slaughter documented in ''The Cove'' resumes

Dolphin_005(2) Although there was hope last week that the mass slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese coastal town of Taiji had ceased after the release of The Cove, the reprieve was only temporary. According to a report on Nikkan Sports (translated here), thirteen fishing boats rounded up 100 bottlenose dolphins and 50 pilot whales earlier this morning and herded them into the cove.

And so it starts all over again. For suggestions on what you can do, go here.

UPDATE: Apparently none of the captured dolphins will be killed, due to a nonslaughter policy adopted by the Taiji fisherman after mounting pressure resulting from "The Cove." Unlike previous years, dolphins that are not sold to aquariums and theme parks will be set free. The whales, however, won't be so lucky.


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