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Keanu Reeves remembers Patrick Swayze

Keanu Reeves, who co-starred with the late Patrick Swayze in the best movie ever made about surfers who rob banks while wearing the masks of former U.S. presidents, has told Eonline.com that Swayze started jumping out of airplanes to prepare for a parachuting sequence in the film and got so hooked on the experience the producers had to serve him with a cease and desist order to force him to stop doing it.

"He was a beautiful person, an artist," Reeves said. "Patrick, he just wanted to experience life and for his work he wanted to take the opportunity of the film and it gave him that sense."


I watched Point Break again earlier this summer while preparing to interview The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and was surprised to see how well it holds up. This has to be one of the most preposterous action pictures ever made, but you don't feel that way while you're watching it - in big part, I suspect, because of the lack of stupid CGI effects that would have inevitably been used if the movie was made today.

It's the difference between the genius Die Hard and Live Free or Die Hard, with its silly computer-generated stuntwork. CGI should be declared off-limits to directors of reality-based action films. I can't think of a single good one that uses them extensively. Comic-book movies are obviously exempt.


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