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The Polish are better at movie posters than anybody

Regular readers of this space may have noticed I am a huge fan of movie poster art. For some reason, Poland makes the most striking film posters of any country in the world, although they make every single movie look like a demented and nightmarish horror film.

It's kind of comical. For example, here is the American one-sheet for 1989's Weekend at Bernie's:


 Here is the Polish poster for the same movie:


 The U.K. Guardian has posted a preview of an exhibition of Polish film one-sheets opening this Friday in London's Cinephilia West. I have posted a couple of my favorites below. Go here to check out their full preview. For more awesome examples of Polish movie poster art, go here  and here and especially here.







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Wow, those really are cool-looking. There's a niche market in that for some art dealer.


Go also here to see some great examples of Polish movie(and not only movie) poster art: http://cracowpostergallery.com/

Pascal Piskiewicz

450 polish poster on

Nicky Marble

The last movie poster is epic! I think it would look good as a wall graffiti. I'm fixing up my loft apartment next week, and I think I still have an empty wall as a canvas for that.

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