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Opening today

Slim pickings at the multiplex this weekend. The much-hyped Paranormal Activity doesn't quite live up to expectations, although it's still a blast to watch in a crowded theater. Couples Retreat is cinematic landfill. In limited release, Connie Ogle liked the Clive Owen drama The Boys Are Back. The documentary Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg casts a long overdue spotlight on a woman forgotten by history.

Julia  My old pal (and former Herald features writer) Brett O'Bourke has started an excellent film blog over at miami.com, where he reminded me that the Miami Beach Cinematheque is bringing back the outstanding thriller Julia for another weekend run. I don't think I'll see a better performance by an actress this year than Tilda Swinton's tremendous portrayal of a blowsy, desperate alcoholic who resorts to kidnapping. Here's my review of the film that originally ran in August. This one is definitely worth going out of your way for. Check out the Cinematheque's schedule here.

The documentary Herb and Dorothy, about a working-class couple who amassed one of the world's most important art collections by recognizing nascent talent in unknown artists before they became famous, opens at both the Cinematheque and the Cosford Cinema. The Cosford is also debuting the much-acclaimed Chilean road picture Desert South. Check out the Cosford schedule here.

The Tower Cinema in Little Havana continues to deliver an electic slate of films. Among this weekend's offerings are the Japanese drama Tokyo Sonata, the Danish noir Flame and Citron, and two comedies from Spain, Chef Special and Something Smells Bad. Check out their complete schedule here.

Audition  If you feel like staying at home and starting your Halloween viewing early, check out the new Audition: Collector's Edition set of the horrific 1999 chiller that brought worldwide attention to Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike. Here's my review of the Blu-ray, which boasts a fantastic commentary track with Miike and the film's screenwriter.  


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