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Review: ''Michael Jackson's This Is It''


I wasn't able to attend last night's screening of Michael Jackson's This Is It, but the talented Connie Ogle, who reportedly cries easily at movies, did manage to see it. Although Connie was vociferously skeptical about the movie, she ended up loving it. Here's the first graph of her review:

As a film, Michael Jackson's This Is It is fairly straightforward, a series of musical numbers shot during rehearsals for the spectacular 50-show concert Jackson planned to stage at London's O2 arena but didn't live long enough to perform. As a cultural artifact, though, it's something more compelling: the final act of a pop legend, all the more powerful if you were one of the kids who bought ABC on a 45, danced your way through high school to the beat of Off the Wall, huddled around a TV in your college dorm to watch the MTV premiere of Thriller and wondered in later years: ``What happened to his face?''

Read Connie's complete review of This Is It here. Now I really want to see it.


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