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The worst horror movies of all time

Halloween-pumpkin_thumb1  The editors at Moviefone have compiled an amusing list of the 25 worst horror movies of all time. Comprising a list like that is a Sisyphean endeavor, because no other movie genre is stuffed with more turkeys than horror. But the list includes some unexpected choices, such as Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror (no. 20 on the list), "with 'cribmaster' Snoop Dogg starring as the Hound of Hell."

The list includes lots of certifiably wretched dogs. Uwe Boll's House of the Dead (no. 16) has to rank as one of the worst films of any kind ever made. Feardotcom (no. 22) is the kind of soul-crushingly bad that sours you on watching movies for at least a month. And Neil LaBute's disastrous remake of The Wicker Man (no. 9) is so awesomely awful that I think of it as a comedy more than a horror film ("Not the bees! Noooo, not the bees!").

But I disagree with some of the other choices, like Lawrence Kasdan's adaptation of the Stephen King novel Dreamcatcher (no. 7), which I am aware everyone hates (it was such a flop, Kasdan hasn't directed another movie since), but I rather enjoy for the sheer loopiness of the plot.

I also think their choice for the number-one slot, Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, is a little exaggerated. Yeah, the movie doesn't really work, and I've heard his version of Halloween II is even worse. But I can think of a thousand other well-known horror films that are infinitely worse. Like this one. Or this one. Or this, which is one of my favorite bad movies of all time.

Check out Moviefone's complete list here.


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This list is kind of bogus. They haven't seen a lot of low budget horror films (especially foreign ones). They can be MUCHHHH more unwatchable...and lord..House of the Dead is #16? That should be #1...It sucks on every level. Wicker Man is terrible but there are worse Stephen King adaptations...The Dark Half springs to mind...

Rene Rodriguez

My vote for worst Stephen King adaptation is the one Stephen King directed himself, "Maximum Overdrive."

Even the TRAILER sucked. King looked at the camera, pointed at the viewer and yelled "I'm gonna scare the HELL out of you!"


Excuse me, but "Zombie Strippers" is one of the GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE and anyone who puts it on a "worst" list should be lobotomized with a machete.


Wow, I really need to check out Night of the Lepus. I love me some bad movie. Some of the movies on this list I haven't seen in more than a decade, but I can remember being scared by many of them as a kid.

How about good horror movies? What are some of your favorites Rene? None of that Saw stuff gets to me, it just disgusts me, but the most recent movie to genuinely scare me was the remake of The Ring. I also was scared out my mind with The Blair Witch Project, and watching for the first time the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre left me with nightmare. I also perennially enjoy The Shining.


Isn't it silly to include Plan 9 From Outer Space or too obvious?
I've never seen I Spit On Your Grave but remember the reviews, including Ebert's, when it came out. You see that one?

Rene Rodriguez

Yeah, including "Plan 9" is kind of a waste. And Siskel and Ebert were right on with "I Spit On Your Grave." It's a truly dispiriting movie that's one inch away from pornography.

Erwin, that horse in "The Ring" remake freaked me out too. As for favorite horror movies, "Rosemary's Baby" always sneaks up on me every time I watch it. "Jaws" continues to entertain no matter how many times I see it. And "Night of the Hunter," although maybe technically not a horror movie, is always unnerving.

Lucas Leyva

Night of the Lepus is fantastic.

can't fight this feeling anymore

I saw Night of the Lepus as a kid but I barely remember it. I do remember being scared OUT OF MY MIND when I watched The Ring.

Felix Martinez

I still haven't seen The Incredible Melting Man, but Rick Baker FX aside, I hear it's one of the worst.

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saw is fantastic as is hostel none of those ring crap for me and if blair witch scares you, you should stick to pg 13


Not sure if I posted this already.Zombie's Halloween is awesome.Its mainly die hard fans of the original who dislike it,but nothing would please them.Halloween resurrection SUCKED.You would think that after that people would be happy with what Rob Zombie gave them.Movies like my bloody valentine 3d,prom night etc might sell tickets,but they are terrible films.

I respect Zombie because he aims to make things seem realistic.Some of what he puts in his movies may seem offensive to alot of people,but they do seem real.I wasnt big on all the cursing from William Forsythe at the beginning,but unfortunately alot of people like the character he portrayed really talk like that.I also wasnt a fan of the mental hospital rape scene,but it was uncomfortable,and offensive the same way alot of older horror films were when they came out.

The world can only take so much of Hollister models running around like idiots,getting drunk,smoking weed,and having the same old sex scene.Combine that with a look that is way too bright and shiney,and you have yourself a crap horror movie.

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