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''Wild Things'' score at the box office, while ''Paranormal Activity'' breaks out all over the place

Wtwa  Despite all the creative battles and hand-wringing that went on during its production, director Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are caused a rumpus at the box office this weekend, grossing $32 million and beating out the Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler vigilante drama Law Abiding Citizen, which earned $21 million.

Meanwhile, Paranormal Activity grossed a whopping $20 million in its first weekend of wide release, even though it is only playing on 760 screens nationwide. Looks like director Oren Peli's decision to consult the Blair Witch Project marketing geniuses in order to get the word out about his $15,000 movie has paid off handsomely.


I still think Blair Witch was much scarier, but I will confess to having some horrific nightmares the night I saw Paranormal Activity. Something having to do with a scary cat. Coincidence or not?

Here's a good read on the original, pre-Spielberg ending of Paranormal. Turns out there were two of them. I like the second alternate ending best. The one they went with is way too Ring-ish.


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