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''New Moon'' already breaking box office records

 According to early reports, The Twilight Saga: New Moon grossed nearly $28 million at 12:01 a.m.  screenings around the country held this morning. If that number holds, New Moon would edge out the previous two midnight-screening record holders, Harry Potter and the Blood Prince, ($22.2 million) and The Dark Knight ($18.4 million).


Twilight grossed $191.4 million in the U.S. and a near-identical $192.2 million around the rest of the world. I will be interested to see how much New Moon winds up earning, considering the first film was so much better, and sequels rarely make as much as the original hits that spawned them.


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Suck it Critics!!!!


Do you know if Anti-Christ will play anywhere other than the Miami Beach Cinematheque?


It'll have a MASSIVE opening day... Close to The Dark Knight's opening day numbers, maybe even exceeding it - But I don't expect the weekend to hold up.


"...and sequels rarely make as much as the original hits that spawned them."

This isn't true. It's actually rare that a sequel doesn't make more money than the original hit. What is this statement based on? - even the two sequels you mention in the article did better than their fore-movies.

P.S. Chris, Anti-Christ will be playing very soon at the Cosford Cinema over at the University of Miami. Check out their website.

Rene Rodriguez

The first "Harry Potter" grossed more ($317 million) than the second ($261 million). "Batman" made more ($251 million) than "Batman Returns" ($162 million). "Star Wars" made more than "Empire Strikes Back". "The Godfather" made more than "The Godfather Part II." Etc.

Franchises and remakes are a different thing altogether. But generally speaking, sequels that gross more than the original movies that spawned them are the exception, not the rule.

Rene Rodriguez

Chris: Re "Antichrist," Jason is correct. It will also open at the Cosford Cinema on the UM campus on Dec. 4.


Hey look, Rene's photoshopped himself into that New Moon photo!


So no Regal for Anti-Christ? But darn.


new moon is smashin the first one idc what anyone says and hopefully they make more for eclipse so they can do the last one


I think the transformation of Jacob into some kind of a yummy hunk helps the movie break the record!

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people who have read new moon could u explain wat happens in chapter 21 because i really don't get it thanks.x

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