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Stephen King's ''Under the Dome'' headed for HBO

I'm two-thirds of the way through Under the Dome, Stephen King's massive - and excellent - new book, which I'll be reviewing in next Sunday's Herald. The novel, which came out Tuesday, clocks in at a whopping 1,072 pages and is so big that it includes a map and a list of the massive cast of characters (including a "Dogs of Note" section). 


I've been a faithful reader of King ever since I read The Shining at the age of 12, but it had been a long time since I enjoyed one of his novels as much as I am enjoying this one. Don't let the heft of the thing intimidate you, either: The novel moves like lightning and is as compulsively readable as King's old-school classics such as The Stand, Salem's Lot and, yes, The Shining.

Unlike some of his other books that have been forced into flimsy movies and TV mini-series, Under the Dome would be a natural for a film adaptation, although a two-hour running time obviously wouldn't cut it. In a book signing appearance earlier this week, King let it slip out that Under the Dome will actually be turned into an HBO mini-series, which would be the ideal format for an adaptation. Check out the clip below of King's Q&A at Wal-Mart (he mentions the HBO series at around the 2:30 mark).


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Now plz to be having a Dark Tower HBO miniseries?

Debbie Todd

Has the mini series already come out. I have just started listening to the Book.
It's taking too long...


I look forward to seeing the miniseries. He is such an amazing writer but, it is true, his books are long. It is easier to watch a well-crafted movie.


I'm so excited that it's going to be on HBO. I read showtime, but this is better, I don't have to add showtime to the cable bill. I can't wait!

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