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Will there be five ''Twilight'' movies?

Breakingdawn  Variety reports executives at Summit Entertainment are looking at all the cash that New Moon has earned them ($480 million and counting) and pondering whether to pull a Harry Potter and split Stephenie Meyer's fourth and final book in the series, Breaking Dawn, into two movies.

The decision is more complicated than it sounds, since all of the cast members are only contractually bound to make four films: A fifth film would require some serious pay raises. Summit is also courting New Moon director Chris Weitz to return for Dawn, although I wish the studio would turn to Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke instead.

Readers of the books beg to differ, but I thought the relationship between Bella and Edward was much more involving in the first film than in the second.


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Brett Bayne

The solution is simple. Make one four-hour movie, the way Tarantino did with Kill Bill. Then, in the editing room, have inspiration strike, and then chop it into Parts 1 and 2.

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