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Random appearances by owls in movies*


Blow Out (1981) dir. Brian De Palma.

*An occasional feature. Because owls are cool.


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Renato Perez Pizarro

Then there's Joe Pesci emptying a revolver at an owl in "My Cousin Vinny."


There were lots of owls in The Fourth Kind but sadly, they didn't make the movie cool at all.

Renato Perez Pizarro

In one of the classic black-and-white horror movies of the 1930s and '40s (I can't remember which, maybe Lugosi's Dracula) there was a scene where a crime was committed on a dark road. The camera did not linger on the murder scene but cut immediately to an owl on a nearby tree, which seemed to be watching the crime. The owl slowly blinked, as if refusing to watch anymore, and the scene ended. It was a clever (and I would say sensitive) handling of an awkward scene and left an impression on me. Perhaps another reader can pinpoint the movie?

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