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Leonardo DiCaprio talks ''Inception'' and addresses those rumors of a remake of Michael Haneke's ''Hidden''

Shutterisland  I had a brief - way too brief - telephone interview with Leonardo DiCaprio this week to discuss Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, which I am not allowed to talk about yet, or else Paramount Pictures will go all Travis Bickle on me.

I was able to ask DiCaprio all of three or four questions before my time was up. When he was being yanked off the phone, I hurriedly asked him what he could tell me about Inception, which looks awesome and mysterious and is the summer movie I am anticipating the most, now that the Footloose remake has been canceled.

"It's been kept under wraps very intentionally," DiCaprio said. "[Director] Christopher Nolan and the studio want to keep the concept under wraps. Essentially, it is about a group of people who are able to access the minds of people in power and manipulate them, as well as access information they are hiding in their dream state. The movie works on multiple levels of reality, and I'm really looking foward to seeing how Nolan puts that giant jigsaw puzzle together."

Hidden-cache-poster-1  Then I thanked DiCaprio for his time and pulled the old trick of sneaking one last question into my goodbye, asking him if there was any truth to the rumor he and Scorsese are planning to collaborate on a remake of Michael Haneke's Cache (Hidden).

"We have nothing set," he said as he was being literally pulled from the phone by a publicist. "I don't really talk about anything until it might actually be true."

That sounds like a big maybe to me.


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Maybe if he had starred in Footloose, it wouldn't have been yanked.


Just curious, was Shutter Island the film that was screened a month ago that you couldn't identify.


This is great movie from Lenardo. He is a great performer which he has proved with this movie

ReAwakener Self Help

As an avid Lucid Dreamer, I loved the Inception Movie. There's a lot to process though, so be sure to plan a Happy Hour with a friend after the movie to discuss.

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