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Fearless Oscar predictions

Here is my rundown on the major Oscar races to be decided tonight, and below you'll find a ballot with my predictions in all the categories except short films. We'll find out in a few hours how I and The Hurt Locker fared. Click on the ballot to make it bigger and readable.



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Um, the fact you didn't choose "Up" for Original Score when just about everyone else is predicting just that, it makes every single one of your choices questionable!

OC Dolphin

What a crock of sh**! Someone please explain to me how a documentary style movie results in Best Picture and Best Direction.

Was the dust and pyrotechnics the stuff future decades will emulate and remember?

This is why anything and everything that is "JUDGED" is not worthy of any lasting tittle.

Give me science. Give me a stopwatch, a photo finish, or heroin climbing over the brink demonstrating survival above everyone else.

Thanks to the academy for getting the Best Supporting Actor correct. That much was obvious.

The Hurt Locker may well be a good movie. But forgive me if I don't go out and buy the DVD.

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