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Movies I wish I could watch right now

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2008) dir. James Nguyen.

"I'm not worried about no blackbirds. They're not the dangerous animal. It's the human species that is the dangerous, menacing, terrifying animal."

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Rene what's the worst movie you've ever seen? Actually, let me differentiate.

What is the best bad movie you've ever seen (like the one above)?

What is the movie you hated watching the most (like, Armageddon, or something)?

Rene Rodriguez

@Gregory: I have a lot of so-bad-they're-good guilty pleasures, but they're often low-budget or obscure movies. If you're talking about big-budget studio films that got lots of press and a wide theatrical release, I don't think you can top "Showgirls."

As far as truly wretched movies - the kind so bad I left the theater angry - I'd have to say it's a tie between "Armageddon" and "Bad Boys II." Just thinking about them irritates me.

What are yours? Best good-bad and bad-bad?


Good-bad movie -- One Night at McCool's. I was on a Transatlantic flight, couldn't sleep, and as far as the other choices, I had either seen them already or had less than zero interest in seeing them. Horrible movie, but Michael Douglas' pompadour, Liv Tyler in her dominatrix outfit and Paul Reiser in his submissive outfit (how was this deemed OK for a flight??) made it not only watchable, but flat-out fun.

Bad-bad movie -- "The Replacements". I never would've watched it, but I was urged to by friends of mine who told me it was so horrible and insulting to my intelligence as a human being and as a sports fan that I had to watch it just to get ticked off. They were right.

As far as films I wish I could see right now, I wish I could see "The Heroes are Tired", a 1955 French film with Yves Montand, Maria Felix, Gert Frobe and Curt Jurgens, because I've heard my parents rave about it for years but for legal reasons, it's never been made available in this country. I've been able to track down a black-market non-subtitled copy, but that wouldn't do me any good.

Quick aside - happy birthday to Alan Arkin, my favorite character actor of all-time.


So-bad-it's-good: Miami Blues

Bad-Bad: Freddy Got Fingered

Adrian Ruhi

Bad-Bad: Butterfly Effect. I was dragged to see this P.O.S. in theatres and I still remember it as absolutely awful.


Good-bad: Hudson Hawk. The annoying villanous dog gets it's own death scene. Need I say more.

Bad-Bad: The Spirit. Recent movie, but it ranks as the worst thing I have seen in the last ten years. It was so horrible, I actually got a headache watching it, and had to physically look away from the screen. Horrendous.


Miami Blues so bad it's good?!

That's one of the best films of the 80s, period. Nothing bad about it.


Good-bad: Luc Besson's the Professional. A tween assassin? What! Great action and NYC exteriors nonetheless, plus Gary Oldman chews the scenery.

Bad-bad: Crash. Got it from the public library to see what the fuss was about. As a fable narrated by a talking rabbit, passable. But as social realism? Atrocious.

Rene Rodriguez

@Clay: I agree with you. I love "Miami Blues." I just watched again recently. Few movies have captured Miami as well as that one ("Big Trouble" is another one).

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