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Lonely Planet's top U.S. travel destinations for 2012

Lonely Planet, publisher of travel guides, has announced its list of the top U.S. travel destinations for 2012. The criteria: What’s new, interesting, or likely to be overlooked by travelers both domestic and international. Some of Lonely’s Planet’s choices are favorites for road trips, including California’s Gold Country and Yellowstone National Park (although I’d add on a drive from Yellowstone to Teton National Park). Most intriguing to me is the Hudson River Valley in New York, which has gradually been working its way up my to-do list with its art enclaves, the Culinary Institute of America, and hiking trails.

Here is Lonely Planet’s list: 1. U.S. Virgin Islands; 2. Hudson River Valley, New York; 3. Cincinnati, Ohio; 4. Four Corners Region, Southwest USA; 5. Culebra, Puerto Rico; 6. California Gold Country; 7. Boulder, Colorado; 8. Hawaii: The Big Island; 9. Chicago; 10. Yellowstone National Park.

Why these 10 places? Go here for more details.


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I hope the guidelines of lonely planet travel gives me awesome guidelines when i was lonely in that planet.

Antonio Pastor

Lonely Planet has proven again its expertise in identifying the top ten U.S. travel destinations for 2012. It has not overlooked the places deserving of the accolades and plaudits both from travel connoisseurs and readers alike. The list makes one eager to visit the localities and excited to see interesting features and attractions in the chosen locales.

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Came across this article by chance and must admit I liked it...:-)

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