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The most tech-friendly airports in the U.S.

We roadtrippers with a techie bent have our favorite airports. Mine is my home airport, Fort Lauderdale, because it has free and fast Wi-Fi. Miami, on the other hand, does not; neither does LAX, a frequent destination for me.

This was just anecdotal for me until this week, when PCWorld magazine surveyed the country’s 40 busiest airports for their tech-friendly services, then ranked them. Fort Lauderdale ranked 11th because of its free Wi-Fi, fast download speed and fast cellular service. But it lost points for having too few battery charging stations, electrical outlets and USB ports near the gates.

Miami ranked 28th. In addition to not having free Wi-Fi, it has zero USB ports, not many charging stations or electrical outlets and mediocre Wi-Fi and cellular download speed.

What is the techiest airport? Dallas-Fort Worth, which charges $7.99 a day for Wi-Fi, but has high numbers of charging stations, electrical outlets and USB ports, followed by New York JFK and Atlanta. The worst U.S. airport for techies, according to PCWorld’s rankings, is Denver, with slow Wi-Fi and cellular downloads. Memphis and Orlando were runners-up for worst.

For the survey, PCWorld canvassed 3,300 gates at the 40 busiest airports, tested Wi-Fi and cellular broadband service, as well as electrical outlets, USB ports and charging stations. Click here for the full report and rankings.