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Aboard the Disney Fantasy: Two ships passing in the day

Fantasy 2ships

Today while we were docked at Castaway Cay, the Disney Dream, which just happened to be in the neighborhood, cruised by to give its passengers a look at its new sister ship, the Disney Fantasy. The two ships are the same structurally, although there are some cosmetic differences.

The ships’ horns, instead of the usual one-note blasts, play a few notes of a Disney tune. So there was a certain amount of horn-blasting oneupmanship going on. The Fantasy played When You Wish Upon A Star, and the Dream answered with Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me. So the Fantasy played Be My Guest, and the Dream came back with It’s a Small World After All. (Darn Disney! I won’t be able to get that tune out of my head for days.)

Then the Dream sailed off, and Fantasy guests, who had lined up along the shore to shoot photos of the two ships, went off to play on the beach.