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Aboard the Disney Fantasy: What a view!

Castaway view
This is the view from my verandah this morning where I’m eating breakfast. I’m not sure this photo does justice to the amazing shades of green and blue of the water, but this is Castaway Cay, where the Disney Fantasy is spending the day. The family beach is to the left, then around behind that, not really visible from here, is the adults-only beach. Oh come on, this is a Disney island – it’s not THAT kind of adults-only. It’s a take-a-break-from-the-kids kind of adults-only. Good, clean fun plus massages and umbrella drinks.

Castaway cleanWhile I was drinking my coffee (lots of coffee – that Pirate Party kept us up late, and we stopped by Ooh-La-La, the champagne bar, to finish the evening), along came the cleaning crew – on the outside of the ship. They pulled right up to my balcony to clean the salt spray off the glass panels. 

Here’s the thing about being out on the water and trying to use the Internet: Access is by satellite, and as they warned us up front, the connection is erratic. Last night I wasn’t able to post photos from the Pirate Party on the blog, but this morning I added them in. So check them out on the post below this.

That pretty beach is calling me. I’ll check in later with some photos (I hope).