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Best restaurants, the most gut-busting food

Here comes another of those personal-experience checklists that we love. This week’s subject: 101 Best U.S. restaurants. The list was compiled by a foodie website, The Daily Meal, and includes a sprawling selection, from the haute and the cutting edge to pizza places, BBQ joints, and delis. The list names only two Florida restaurants, Joe’s Stone Crab and Michael’s Genuine, both in greater Miami (I would have included Sra. Martinez). I’ve eaten at 10 of the 101 — the two in Miami, five in Northern California, and one each in Las Vegas, Kansas City and New Orleans. You can find the complete list here.

The Daily Meal also released a list of what it calls the world’s most gut-busting meals (none of them from the above list): deep-fried pizza from Scotland, poutine with foie gras from Montreal, deep-fried ham rolls in condensed milk from China. I’m getting indigestion just thinking of these. Check them out here, but have antacids on hand.