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A "moonbow" at Yosemite Falls

A Yosemite National Park spokesman reports that photographers flocked there Saturday night to take advantage of the lighting created by the full moon, which appeared as much as 30 percent brighter thanks to it being approximately 15,000 miles closer than average.
“There were tripods and cameras everywhere taking advantage of the conditions,” said Jarrod Lyman with the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau. “A lot of people were able to capture the beauty created by the full moon.”

One of the popular scenes was an effect known as a “moonbow” at Yosemite Falls. Occurring during a full moon when the fall is running at high capacity, the light from the moon shines through the mist of Yosemite Falls, creating a rainbow. The moonbow this month was especially vivid, thanks to the increased reflection coming from the moon.

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Photo credit: Jarrod Lyman - Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau