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Road trip dining: Best cities for BBQ

Yesterday I gave you TheDailyMeal.com’s list of the world’s most outrageous restaurants. Today, I bring you comfort food — relatively speaking — with Food & Wine’s list of the best cities for BBQ. The list has about 20 cities or regions, says what’s distinctive about each and offers a restaurant or two where you can taste each city’s classic BBQ. Food & Wine offers three regions in Texas, four in the Carolinas, cities with deep-rooted BBQ traditions like Memphis and Kansas City, and then a few oddballs: Oahu for its huli-huli chicken, Owensboro, Kentucky for its mutton barbecue, and Decatur, Alabama for its white barbecue sauce — mayonnaise and vinegar. Read this list and just see if you’re not checking your vacation calendar for a road trip to whichever sounds best.



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I am always surprised to see these lists usually exclude other countries from the competition. I just think it's silly to make a list about "best cities for BBQ" and leave Buenos Aires, San Juan, Montevideo, and so many others which have their own take on BBQ.
Thanks for the resource though, I'll sure try to visist at least some of them

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