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GPS maps: Apple vs. Google

The reaction we hear most to the new Apple maps that replaced Google maps on the iPhone 5 is negative. The Apple maps, it would seem, are less accurate that Google maps. But here’s a voice with a different point of view: Anick Jesdanun, technology writer for Associated Press. Jesdanun argues that the benefits of turn-by-turn voice direction and re-routing that come with the new Apple maps outweigh the errors on the maps. I had been hesitant to download the Apple maps on my iPhone 4s until I read his article. I should add that I rely on my Garmin GPS unit, which does have voice directions and recalculates if I (intentionally or not) make a “wrong” turn. But as I learned on my last road trip, GPS units don’t live forever – or behave consistently well – and I need to have a back-up on my iPhone. So I’ll be downloading Apple’s new maps. Read Jesdanun’s story here and see what you think.


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