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Ski season has opened in Colorado

Arapahoe ski
Is it ski season already? At Arapahoe Basin in Colorado, it is. After 12 days of snowmaking, Arapahoe opened one lift and one trail Wednesday morning and reported that hundreds of skiers lined up to take to the slope.

We’re getting scattered reports of snow and snowmaking from around the country. Loveland Ski Area, also in Colorado, expects to open shortly. In Maine, Sunday River Ski Resort has started making snow and hopes to open before Halloween. And Heavenly Mountain Resort at Lake Tahoe got its first snow of the season last week, although not enough for skiing. Opening day at Heavenly is scheduled for Nov. 16.

Heavenly First Snowman 10.12.12

Top photo: Skier at Arapahoe on Wednesday. Credit: Jack Dempsey/Arapahoe Basin

Bottom photo: Season's first snowman at Heavenly. Credit: Heavenly Mountain Resorts