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Dolphins: Random Thoughts

- The officials didn't lose that game for the Dolphins. Turnovers did.

- Chad Henne will be fine. We have been spoiled recently b/c guys like Flacco, Ryan & Roethlisberger all had instant success. People forget John Elway lined up behind the GUARD once as a youngster.

- Gibril Wilson is the worst safety, I've ever seen play the game of football. Worst is when he gets burned, he looks to chastise the young guys as if it was not his fault.

- Vontae Davis will also be fine. Though, I do wonder why it seems teams are picking on him

- Vernon Carey may need to sit a game. He was beat badly on Sunday. His back injury is serious enough that he is having trouble walking.

- Bill Parcell always says, 'If he doesn't bite as a puppy, he won't bite' -- saying if a young guy doesn't do something right away he might not ever,'

- Brian Hartline is biting. Meanwhile, Ted Ginn is whimpering.



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On the Camarillo penalty in OT, Ginn was standing two feet from the corner after he laid down and he didn't touch him! It was only after Ginn turned around and began to walk to the sideline when Camarillo had the presence of mind to down the corner.

Ginn blows on so many levels!


I yelled also when White came in on that play. Couldn't see how Sparano could put in a cold QB for such an important play either.


Hey Sedano, I'm a recent subscriber to your podcast-enjoy it on occasion. And I agree w/ you re: Fish. They are exactly what I expected them to be: 9-7 or 8-8 team. I saw this coming from day one; I didn't think they would repeat as AFC East champs or were ready to challenge the likes of teams like San Diego, Indy, Pittsburgh. I think w/added pieces, maturity and experience of the rookies, dumping deadweight (bye Porter, Ginn,etc.), this team will be better in the long run.


re: 12/28 podcast and colts decision to rest starters resulting in jets win-I agree w/you , true 2 other teams won SBs however in colts case, resting has proven fatal for them. if they get eliminated in playoffs, then this game will resonate louder for many! And.....can't compare preseason vs end of season playoff run...similar but not same thing

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