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College Football: Pete Carroll & USC

Pete Carroll has decided to make the jump to the pro's and leave the power he rebuilt at Southern California. Call me cynical but isn't the timing of this odd?

USC's athletic department has been under investigation multiple times throughout his tenure. The  investigations included players such as, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Dwayne Jarrett, and most recently Joe McKnight. This week the USC Men's Basketball team was hit with major sanctions stemming from OJ Mayo's tenure there. Now, Carroll decides to jump to the pro's after years of shunning pro teams (including Miami) for the college game. I sense big trouble for the USC Football team soon... Stay tuned.


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USC has been getting away with funny business for years. Pete's no dummy. Something is definitely coming down the pike.


I'm not surprised; odd that he would take that particular nfl job. Figured his departure had something to do with upcoming sanctions.

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