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Fans play blame game with local coaches (POLL)

The biggest complaint I get as a sports talk host is about coaches. Fans seem to make the coaches the scapegoat for players' errors.

I personally think it's overstated

Are there times when coaches make a costly mistake


Is it usually the leading cause for a team's failure?

I don't think so.

With that said, I've provided a list of the coaches/managers in the area and would like for you to vote on who you have, "THE LEAST FAITH IN."

Having fielded calls on this subject for years I'm curious to see what the tally looks like when seen in an anonymous fashion like a poll.


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Surprised Isiah is that high, especially with the kind of recruits he's going to be bringing in 2010 and not having had much of a chance yet.

I think it's unfair to pass that kind of judgement that early.


Joel people here have no brains. Might just be an angry ex employee lol

dred99 (I drive The Energy Bus with resiliency)

Spo is a joke and a mere puppet of Pat Riley. Spo talks a good game with his SAT vocabulary, but much like his excuses and speeches, all his "strategic" moves or lack-thereof are : predictable, robotic, and not desirable in a HEAD COACH. The mishandling of Beasley THIS season is one of many flaws tied to Spo. This is not motivational speaking 101, it is the NBA. This is a throw away season, thus Riley will just ride out with Spo no matter the result.

-Horrible and rigid substitution patters
-No "feel" for the game (poor in-game decision making)
-"Pack the Paint" philosophy on D that has failed over and over
-No creativity on Offense: Wade on 5, high post, iso wade/beasley/ or JO, High Pick N' Roll
-Does not know how to identify match-up problems or exploit match-up opportunities
-All he speaks on is Defense and effort..so let's hire an assistant coach that specializes in offense and can recognize a team's strength and weaknesses so they can produce actual effective results.

In closing, FIRE SPO!


It's kind of hard to be critical of the Big Three pro coaches since a lot of their success is dependent on what their GMs do. Spoelstra feels it the most since each player can mean so much to a team. But it feels like the players don't even recognize him as their coach. There's a lot of things going on in that locker room and it doesn't feel like Spo knows what's going on.

Fredi could use better bullpen pitchers, but he's horribly mismanaged the ones he has. My biggest issue with him is his unrelenting faith in his closer, whoever his closer may be. Instead of riding the strong arm who just had a 1-2-3 inning, he'll jump to his closer who's been shaky over the last few appearances. He rarely lets his relief pitchers go more than an inning, and only when he's short on numbers. So his bullpen looks worse than what it is.

As for Sparano, it's hard to measure how much of a loss is on players and how much is on coaches/playcalling. Going into this season, a drop-off was expected because the schedule was going to get harder. But the Dolphins were in just about every game, and that's what makes it tougher to digest. How do you lose to the Bills a week before beating the Patriots? How do you gain 2 yards on two straight completions (the two passes before the Titans game-losing interception)? How do you control the clock for three quarters giving you the lead and the best chance to win, and then stray away from that strategy in the fourth quarter against the best QB in the league? How do you call a timeout with seconds remaining in the first half when the other team barely has enough time to get on the line? For that Sparano has my vote.

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