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Marlins: ESPN's Stark breaks down the revenue share numbers

I read Greg Cote's column this morning and found myself in total agreement with what he wrote about the Marlins. It's certainly embarrassing that the team was singled out that way, but there seems to be a silver lining.

Many of my listeners this morning were ecstatic that this happened to the Marlins because it forces their hand to spend some money.

Speaking of the revenue sharing dollars, I had ESPN's MLB Insider Jayson Stark on this morning, and he broke down the numbers in more detail for us (and gives us his thoughts on what happens next).

Jayson Stark Interview - 1-13-10

The only way I can defend not using the money for, "baseball operations," is for the money to be used towards the stadium. Even then it still feels kind of slimy. Why? It's simply not the letter of the law regarding MLB's Basic Agreement.

Ultimately, even in that scenario I don't know how people would feel if this ownership group received a loan to buy the team. Then used revenue sharing money to fund their end of the agreement for a stadium. Accompanied by the final piece coming from the public sector.


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LORIA is scum. I never really hated him till now. I used to defend the guy


Jayson Stark is excellent. Marlins are a joke


the marlins are not a joke, they still spend a lot on the stadium lease deal with the dolphins, they make no money on concessions or parking at the stadium, and listen i dislike that loria doesnt spend, i want them to spend a lil like locking up jj, keeping kiko calero for 2 mil, but i think we have to wait until the 2012 season and if they dont start spending then, then houston we have a problem. remember folks, this is a team that won 85 games in 2008, 87 last year, a title in 03' i mean they just win.


well its not the case of winning 85 or 87 games or only being competitive but you are in obligation to put revenue money into payroll. in this case imagine if this team with 38 mil payroll is a 85 to 87 wins just imagine if it spend 60 mil on payroll. this really pisses me off because we have lost players like Miguel Cabrera because supposedly we couldn't afford him. what a joke pocketing 80 mill every year and having a payroll of 26 mil in 04. no wonder people didn't support the stadium deal. giving a stadium to a team that pockets around 80 mil a year and only spend 110 mil for a park that's a joke. If they don't boost their payroll to at least 55-60 mil this year they will loose another season ticket holder until they start spending their money

Hanley Ramirez

You hear Samson on Dan's show yesterday? He starts off by saying let's remember the tragedy in Haiti then states he won't answer any questions as he earned that right! Really dude, your going to use Haiti as an out?


The Marlins have done little to improve their team. I don't think you have to spend a lot of money, but if you are in contention, you should make some kind of move. The defense is abysmal and that has an effect on the pitching staff.

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