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HEAT: In Riley we should trust.

There is a lot of chatter today about the HEAT acquiring Amare Stoudemire.

That sounds great on the surface.

The deal would center around Jermaine O'Neal's expiring contract at 23 + million.

The problem is the Suns want Jason Richardson as part of the deal with Miami. Richardson is scheduled to make 14.44 million dollars the next season. That makes the problem HUGE!

Now, Richardson is a nice player. He's not worth 14.44 million. You could potentially get a legit max player next year for less than that in the off season.

Worst Case Scenario:

The Heat get bounced in first round. Wade and Amare opt out & you are left with just Beasley and stuck with Richardson for one more year.

On that possibility alone you shouldn't do it.

(As I'm watching the Heat game now I'm gasping b/c Wade is out of the game with a strained calf muscle and J.O. is gimpy too. Which has the potential for an embarrassing loss to the lowly Nets?)

Here's what the HEAT should do, low ball the Suns. Keep J.O. Keep Beasley. Offer them table scraps.

The Cavs just made a deal for Antawn Jamison. Miami no longer has any competition.

The Suns and Amare are not in the same stratosphere on an extension. He doesn't want to be there anymore

You don't believe me? 

Here's an excerpt from and ESPN.com article on the situation.

If the Suns can't make a trade before Thursday's deadline, expect Amare to be unhappy.

"He's going to be upset," one source familiar with the process told ESPN.com. "He's been reading hisnames in the headlines every day. He's been wooed by Dwyane Wade and LeBron. It's time to move on." 

This is where Riley does his best work

Remember a disgruntled Alonzo Mourning in Charlotte?

Is there any recollection of under appreciated Jamal Mashburn in Dallas? (I know he was maligned here later... Not the point)

Do you recall Golden State giving up on Tim Hardaway?

And, if you forgot all those you certainly remember Shaquille O'Neal's exit from Los Angeles.

My buddy who writes columns for the other paper recently called Riley, "The Great Opportunist."

If you read the previous sentences you understand why.

Here's another opportunity for Pat to work his magic. He usually pilfers other teams in these situations. This should be no different if he chooses to act. He's in a position of power.

Does Riley feel Amare is that piece that will mesh with Wade? Amare can opt in next year for 17 million dollars and could change Riley's initial plan of cap flexibility for 2010.

That's the only debate here.

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Jorge Suarez

I don't think the deal for Amare is worth it.

Riles should tell Wade:

We'll get Bosh in FA.
We have 2 1st round picks
We keep Beasley.

Those four points should keep Dwade happy.
We get a great big man in Bosh (who wants to play with Wade)
We keep Beasley & let him continue developing
And we have 2 1st rounders next year to add playmakers.

Adam H

If we can get Amare without giving up Beasley, then the worst case is Amare opts in and in 2011 the HEAT are a player with chance at Tony Parker (FA) or Carmelo Anthony (ETO).

Based upon many reports, Amare wants to come home to Miami. If he gets traded here, I don't see any possibility of him leaving here.


If we can get Amare without giving up Beas its a no brainer even though I don't love Amare and worry his game and Beasley's won't mesh. But you cannot pass up a talent like that for expiring contracts. Also, Amare is definitely opting out of his contract no matter what due to the collective bargaining agreement expiring in 2011. Amare could risk losing tens of millions if he doesn't opt out and signs a contract in 2011 under the new collective bargaining ageement which is going to drastically cut player salaries.


Here's the thing: if we really wanted Amar'e, we would have gotten him last year when he was just as available. Instead we went with J.O. for a couple of reasons: his defense, his contract. Amar'e can choose to NOT opt out, and then we cannot make our run at a prized free agent.

But a few disagreements with you Jorge: We gave up Glen Rice and Matt Geiger for Alonzo Mourning. Glen Rice alone was worth the price of admission, since he was an amazing player for us. At the time, centers were a dime-a-dozen, so I'm sure Charlotte thought they'd be fine at that position eventually.

Also, as good as Riley has been in getting guys he wants, sometimes it's not at the time they were great. We finally got Gary Payton, when he was a shell of his former self.

The last thing, the only true complaint I have about Riley is that he does not develop talent. We have wasted draft picks like crazy, including guys who could have been studs for us. While many complain about Spo as coach, thankfully he'll get to develop the 2 first rounders we have this year.

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