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HEAT: Pat Riley LIVE Friday morning on 790 The Ticket

HEAT President Pat Riley will join us tomorrow morning between 8:30 am - 9:00am on 790 The Ticket

If you have questions leave them in the comment box.

I'll try to squeeze in as many as possible.

Also, I will have ESPN NBA Senior Writer (my favorite ESPN NBA guy) Chris Broussard on at 9:30am

We'll talk to him about the HEAT and the rest of the NBA.

If you're a fan of another team and have a question for Broussard leave them in the comment section as well.

The Jorge Sedano Show Mon. - Fri. 6am-10am on 790 The Ticket

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I actually have a question about James Jones' contract. I've heard it's partially guaranteed. Is it?

Also, I loved the approach. You were waiting back and realized that you were in an advantageous position. You were either going to find someone desperate and get yourself an extremely good deal or you were going to stand pat (haha). Good job not panicking or throwing away another piece for the future. Having 3-4 stars will be better than the 2 we would have been stuck with had you moved Beasley.

Anyway, wish you would have went hard for haywood/camby/r mason, but you definitely could have done worse...buy some picks this offseason!!!


(main points: is jj's contract guaranteed or is there a date that his contract can be terminated before it becomes guaranteed? also throw in the buck some picks part, it really could do wonders- if we were to grab a late first or two

get ourselves some solid backup centers and a wing or two (my personal favorites being ebanks, henry, sanders, alibi, monroe, pittman, sanders)


is james jones' contract guaranteed beyond this year? are you interested in buying picks this draft? how are beverly and dozier looking in europe?

thanks a lot, great work, pat...keep it up.


I doubt these get read, but I won't get a chance to hear it anyway since he's on now.
My first question would be this-
Was there ever any real intention to make a trade? By that I mean, were you truly pursuing a trade, or were you putting out feelers to see who was really available and who might be someone we could go after in the off-season?

Second question-
Back in 2005, was the trade for Antoine Walker, James Posey, and Jason Williams to make Shaq happy, or because those players were suddenly available?

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