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People need to get over Tiger already

Read these articles.

(Mike Lupica - NY Daily News)

(Robert Lusetich - Fox Sports)

(Greg Couch - AOL Fanhouse)

This is why people end up hating the media.

We push too hard & far.

Everyone gets on their morality soap box. Privacy be damned.

What Tiger Woods did is in no way excusable.

The way he chooses to apologize to the public (to which whom he doesn't owe an apology) is his prerogative. If he wants to stand up there and read a statement, fine.

It's not what I would do in his spot. I would probably go from the heart, but who the hell am I or anyone to say how he should conduct his business?

He should be concerned more with how he deals with his family, friends, associates and sponsors.

He owes me and you absolutely NOTHING.

A few months ago, Tiger was persona non grata all across the world.

Today, after doing my radio show, I get the feeling people have had enough of this

It's the same feeling, I got after the media driven steroid controversy in baseball.

Sure, there are a few still yelling about the "CHEATERS," in baseball. Though, for the most part, it falls on deaf ears now. Maybe, we're numb to it or possibly some feel the media's agenda has run its course.

Remember all the screaming about Alex Rodriguez? Well, it led to more screams. The screams that came later were of joy when he led the Yankees to a World Series

The same will happen to Tiger.

A buddy of mine hooked me up with a PR Advisor, who gave me the nuggets of knowledge (via text) on how Tiger is handling the current situation. (Thanks O.K.)

The reason Tiger's not taking questions is because this press conference isn't for the press. And I don't think it's bad advice at all. If I was advising him, I'd be doing the same thing.

He's done the press release thing. Now it's time to make a live statement in public -- start to rebuild that image. I wouldn't have him standing up there fielding questions right out the box.

Sure that would make reporters happy, but that can only turn out badly for HIM. Next he'll do a couple of super-select one-on-one interviews. After that I'd have him do one or two TV appearances possibly a magazine or two, and that's it, then back to golf.

No WAY I'd just throw him to the wolves. He's got nothing to gain from it. This way he can say, "I've addressed this issue, and I'm not talking about it anymore....Now watch this drive."

Welcome, to the world circa 2010.

A world where we make everything about us. Even if it has zero to do with us. 

A world where macho men in the media act like the stereotypical housewife, eating bon bons and watching daytime soaps (I'm not mad at ya. If I could I would do it too)!

This isn't Salem.

John and Marlena are not part of this world.

Neither is Susan Lucci.

Somebody in this scenario went to the hospital, but it wasn't General Hospital.

Now, I know you may buy Nike's products, but that doesn't mean Tiger, Michael Jordan or Dwyane Wade owe you explanations for their private lives.

They may owe Nike one, but not you.

All the guys who are beating up on Tiger wouldn't want people snooping in their lives the way they do in his.

The response is, "he lives a public life."

I didn't know that meant he lost his right to privacy


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Vijay Singh

Lupica is a douche. He gives examples of A-rod, Petite, and McGwire apologizing for steroids that effect their sport. I wish Elin would take a club to that hobbit's head.

Tiger's transgressions does not have any bearing on golf and should be between him and his wife.

Ben Hogan

The reason Tiger will not take any questions sounds like he may be asked about steroids.


Well, your first problem, Jorge, is that you linked to Mike Lupica. I will not use the word the previous commenter mentioned (even if it is spot on), but I will say this: Mike Lupica has never added anything to any sports debate. He is whiny and vindictive. The last time he said anything positive about anything was the first time.

When I used to read Dan LeBatard back in the day, I used to think he was a moron. He might still very well be a moron, but his perspective is much better than most sports writers, and I have grown to appreciate him so much more now.

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