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When did Peyton Manning become the bad guy? (POLL)

There's a lot of venom being spewed at Peyton Manning this morning. Here are some of the adjectives being thrown at him:


Media Creation!


I get it. He threw an interception that lost the game. I saw it too.

On a day like today, you get to see people's true colors on the athletes they cover.

I'm not saying I'm perfect. I have my biases. I don't hide them.

Curt Schilling can win a Nobel Peace Prize, and I'd still be skeptical.

Dave Wannstedt can win a National Championship (doubtful), and I'd find a way not to give him credit. Those are just a few.

Peyton Manning was labeled a "CHOKER," much like Alex Rodriguez and Phil Mickelson were. Kobe Bryant couldn't win one without Shaq until he did (I fell into that trap).

Then he won a Super Bowl. From that point on I assumed all the talk about how he's only good in the regular season and a stat monster was all gone. That was obviously my mistake to assume.

Here are some of the excerpts from writers I respect this morning:


No way Brady, Montana or Elway throws the Favrelike interception Manning uncorked Sunday night. And no way can you compare the Colts to the any of the great football dynasties. The appropriate comparison is to baseball’s Atlanta Braves, winners of 14 consecutive division crowns and just one World Series.

Manager Bobby Cox is the face of Atlanta’s “underachievement.” Manning will be the face of Indy’s.

Manning, an All-American at Tennessee, entered the NFL with questions about his playmaking ability in big games. The Volunteers finally won a national championship the year after Manning departed for the NFL.



The greatest of all time? Nope. Not even close now. The GOAT doesn't throw that kind of awful interception. Joe Montana didn't throw those in the Super Bowl. Has Tom Brady?

Manning has one ring and a bushel of stats and records. He deserves accolades and praise, but the GOAT talk must stop now.


Manning and the Colts are the Atlanta Braves. The Colts, under Manning, have won at least 12 games seven years in a row. Yet all Manning has to show for it is one title. He's now 9-9 in the playoffs, which is about as far away from GOAT material as the Middle East is from the Colts' practice facility.

Manning has the same number of rings as Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer and Brett Favre. Manning is better than Hostetler and Dilfer (of course), but he made a mistake not even Favre has committed in a Super Bowl.

On the surface, you can compare the Colts to the Braves. But, to say that Manning is the face of their underachievement is down right silly to me. The argument I'd make is that he's the reason they've reached these heights

Manning has not had the defenses that Brady, Montana, and Elway had on their Super Bowl teams. More often than not, he hasn't had those defenses for most of his career either. Those three guys mentioned have had better statistical defenses over their careers. Elway had some bad defenses, but not the years he went to the Super Bowl outside of one season in 1986. 

I'm not a Manning or Indy fan, but I just find it silly that Manning went from Choker to Winner and back to Choker again? How does that make sense?

And, to refer to the Tennessee Volunteer's winning with Tee Martin and not him is unjust as well.

That's picking the low fruit.

Do we need to go through the list of no name Quarterback's that have won championships in college and in the pro's?

Heck, I'm not a Braves fan either, but Bobby Cox might have won more championships if he had a good closer in the 90's. 

How about, we give the other team some credit?

That must be a novel concept.


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I agree w/you Jorge. I wasn't a big Peyton follower but I developed new appreciation for him this year. The Saints were the better team yesterday & deserved the win. It doesn't take anything away from what Peyton has and will achieve as he continues playing. And Peyton & co. will be back in the big game.


I agree. Look at Unitas. He won one super bowl, and he got injured in that game. Yet, people say he is one of the greatest ever. Football is not a one person sport. It is a team sport. If it was a one person sport, Marino would have one at least one super bowl. It's just a bunch of gas bags who need to write something for their jobs, and they put no real thought into it.


Jorge what you are failing to mention that yeah Brady had better defenses, but the MOMENT, THE MOMENT,THE MOMENT came for Manning to tie the game,to rise to the occassion he choked..When Tom Brady's defense was not at their best against the Carolina Panthers 6 super bowls ago, the MOMENT came for Brady to rise to the occassion, and Brady did MULTIPLE f@#*ing times in that game..Doesn't matter what type of D Manning has..The moment came for Manning and he failed that highest pressure situation for a QB..



What I think you're failing to realize is that the point is he's won many games in his career. Including a Super Bowl victory. This nonsense that Peyton Manning lacks killer instinct or becomes a lesser QB when the pressure is ratcheted up is crazy. That seems to be Jorge's point.

long time fan

I think its time to question the only sb. win for the colts. Think about this, they beat a team the bears,led by rex grossman. Manning did not win this game, grossman lost it. Playoff record, 9-9, end of story. The all decade team has manning, and Tom Brady. Manning for the regular season, Brady for the playoffs. 14-2, 9-9, never saw Brady, Montana, give away a sb with an int.


Brady, Montana lost plenty of Playoff games where they played pretty bad. Look up the games for yourself. Montana played awful in late 80's vs Vikings in a playoff game. He had a few other stinkers too.

Brady threw an INT right to Champ Bailey that lost them a game in Denver in playoffs and they won in spite of him the following year in San Diego.

Point is it's not a skill to play better b/c the stakes are raised. Guys have bad games. It happens in a one game situation.

long time fan

michael- 14-2, in playoffs and sb for Brady. Manning, 9-9, in playoffs and sb. When did Montana or Brady throw and int to lose a sb game?

Fire Everybody

What everyone assumes is that if Peyton doesn't throw that interception, that the drive still ends in a touchdown. The way Garcon, Collie and Wayne dropped passes on Sunday night, that's not a guarantee. You want a list of goats for Sunday? How about Pierre Garcon? New Orleans has the ball for six minutes, Colts have a third down, Garcon drops a perfect pass that any receiver in the league not named Ted Ginn catches, and the Saints go on another long march. That was a huge turning point. How about Indianapolis' wretched defense? Couldn't stop a snail stuck in molasses. But that's Peyton's fault, too. Peyton had no help on Sunday. None. And not only am I not a Peyton Manning fan, but I actually hate the guy and am reveling in the fact that his reputation is forever tarnished, even if he does manage to win another one or two Super Bowls. But this whole "Peyton single-handedly cost them the championship!" talk is patently absurd.


The only people who call Peyton Manning a choker are the Brady lovers. They have some sort of inferiority complex with their QB that they need to see others fail to prove that their guy is better.

Brady is an amazing QB. Manning is also great. I would love to have either as my QB, and so would 75% of the league.

Andre Mercendetti

Jorge, your way off with this Manning being the best ever. You might be to young to remember Montana, numbers don’t lie. Simple math; Montana 16-7 is greater then Manning 9-9. You can’t honestly tell me that with 3 minutes to go in the superbowl, 92 yards to go, down by 3 you would pick Manning over Montana? See video of superbowl XXIII to help with that question. Montanas superbowl records; 3 time superbowl MVP, highest passer rating (127.8), most passes completed (83), most consecutive passes completed (13), lowest percentage of passes intercepted (0), most TD’s (11), most yards passing (1,142). And don't give me the Jerry Rice garbage, he won 2 superbowls without Rice. Come on Jorge, don’t let your pride get in the way like it did with your anti-Kobe assault.



You missed the point of the entire blog. It's not that Manning is or is not the best ever. That's completely subjective. My point is you can't label him a choker like most pundits are. It's silly.

And, that if you want to put him in the same league there are plenty of other variables that you have to include when looking at his playoff record.

You seem to be the one with a pride issue here. I have no problem taking a step back and realize this assault on Manning is not deserving.

Andre Mercendetti


Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Its ok if you have a man-crush on Manning, he’s easy to like, great player, great person, one of the best ever at his position. If Manning didn’t throw the “oh no he didn’t pass” we would be showering him with endless over the top praise, but that’s not the case and the negative backlash follows, right or wrong, that’s part of sports, ask Scott Norwood if it’s fair. I don’t have an issue with you defending Manning and the media bashing, I do have an issue with you saying on your show that Manning, Brady and Elway are all better then Montana. Lets not forget about the Catch, the Montana drive, Joe cool, the four rings, or the 55-10 superbowl bashing of Elway’s Broncos!


Peyton Manning is in my top 5 quarterbacks. Winning a game is a team effort and shouldn't reflect an individual player. I don't blame Manning for this loss just as I don't credit Drew Brees with the Saints wins. I believe a legacy is defined for ones individual efforts. To say he chokes is ridiculous! Trying to score a touchdown to tie a game in the final minutes is open season on interceptions. The D knows exactly what the quarterback has to do and the odds of interception multiply in this situation.

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There's a lot of venom being spewed at Peyton Manning this morning. Here are some of the adjectives being thrown at him,certainly these are very interesting and attractive adjectives.

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